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Prof. Dr. med. Peter Thümler

 Prof. Dr. Peter Thümler turned to orthopedics after completing his surgical training at the university hospital in Mainz (Prof. Kümmerle) and his further training in trauma surgery in Mainz and Essen. After his specialist medical training he obtained a post-doctoral degree under Prof. Schlegel and became a Senior Physician. In this position he was elected to become a member of the board of the German Society of Orthopedics. As part of a research fellowship, he lectured in many countries in Southeast Asia, particularly in Japan. In 1985 he was appointed as a Chief Physician at St. Vinzenz Hospital. In 1994, the Orthopedic Department opened the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine under his leadership. After lecturing assignments in Beijing and Wuhan, he became a visiting professor of these cities. In 1998 the orthopedic clinic together with the affiliated pain clinic comprised 160 beds. From that time until the end of his 70th year Dr.Thümler was also the Medical Director of St. Vinzenz Hospital.