Dr. med. Peter Buddenberg

Dr. Peter Buddenberg has been a qualified physician since 2004 and in 2010 he completed his specialist medical training to become an orthopedic and trauma surgeon. Besides general orthopedic and trauma surgery he specialized in the conservative and surgical treatment of degenerative and trauma-related spinal disorders. During his fellowship year at the ‘Schulthessklinik’ in Zürich he gained extensive knowledge of spinal surgery and afterwards worked as a consultant in the Spine and Pain Department at St. Vinzenz Hospital in Düsseldorf. In addition to conservative therapy, he is particularly interested in minimally invasive surgery and spinal fusion surgery. Dr. Buddenburg learned the methods for treating scoliosis in children and adults mainly during his stay in Zürich and he was largely responsible for introducing them into St. Vinzenz Hospital in Düsseldorf.

Dr. Peter Buddenberg has lead the Department of Spinal Surgery at Florence Nightingale Hospital in Düsseldorf since March 2015, where he is responsible for the treatment of conservative and surgical spinal diseases.